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Atomic design evangelist.


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My name is Nick Meincken, I am a front end developer.

I have been building websites for so long now that I remember a time before stylesheets when everything was done using tables. Disgusting I know! Front End Development is my passion and I am truly obsessed with clean, functional front end design. I like clean web sites with beautiful typography and good clean layouts.

I have used a number of front and back end technologies over the years and they’re all pretty much the same when it comes to styling.



Simple atomic design to make front end development faster and more efficient. This sets standards for all design and development and irons out the differences between a flat PSD/Sketch file and final HTML renders.

Web Development

I work with a number of content management systems from AEM through to Wordpress. I am also very efficient with responsive design practices. I can advise on how to make your site look good on all devices.

Web Optimization

Keeping code clean is the bane of the developers world. Following tried and tested rules I can optimize not only your sites speed, but also development.

  • Virgin Media
  • Rapha
  • Blindpig Cider
  • ARTuition
  • Belmond

Virgin Media

I had worked with VirginMedia for several years and over that time contributed on a number of projects. Being part of a wider team that introduced a series of standards that all departments adhered to. This allowed all developers to table any new technology that we all supported, meaning we had less code conflicts. I worked as a technical lead and pushed for open standards to be followed. I also worked as part of a larger working group of lead developers who pushed for a single set of coding standards.

Virgin Media header
VM Entertainment Home

I was also tasked with creating an online style guide for developers and designers to work from, this was known as the OMG (online media guide). It was based on Atomic Design principles. It consisted of a series of design patterns for designers to follow and a code lab for developers. This allowed to cover any inconsistencies between design and development.

OMG Toolkit home
OMG Toolkit page template

Over the years I had worked with a number of different technologies including what is listed below as well as Teamsite, Angular 1, .Net.

  • Styleguide
  • AEM
  • SASS
  • Bootstrap 2/3
  • Grunt
  • Wordpress/Jekyll/Patternlabs

Client - We Are Social on behalf of Blind Pig cider

This was a very interesting Microsite for Blind Pig Cider. Lots of custom plugins and a lot of formatting and cleaning of the base SCSS files resulted in a very nice clean site.

  • SASS
  • Wordpress
  • PictureFill


Front End Developer role on contract.

I worked on a few sections whilst I worked here, this included the About pages and some sections on the RCC (Rapha Cycle Club) section.

  • SASS
  • HTML5
  • Hybris
  • jQuery
  • Wordpress

Brentwood Tutoring

Tutoring site - This was a simple single page Wordpress site for a teacher looking to get into tutoring. It is a customised version of

  • SCSS
  • jQuery
  • Wordpress

Belmond On behalf of Matter of Form

I worked as part of an agile team for Matter of Form to create modular components for Belmond.

This project involved converting the design vision into useable modules for the CMS. The components were built using Handlebars and added to a pattern library

  • Handlebars
  • HTML5
  • SCSS
  • jQuery
  • Vue.js
  • Yarn/Webpack

Other works

Over the years I have worked for a number of companies. The above are just some examples of work I am most pleased with.

Matter of Form, Merchant Cantos, Golly Slater, CMW